Black-My Skin Color, Not My Mentality

As you can tell already, I am a black man. I’m reminded of this every time I look in a mirror. However, there is a lot more to me than the amount of melanin under my skin. Many have the notion that because I’m black, I should think in a certain way. Many people of color believe that all white people are racist and members of the KKK and they should be watched with a suspicious eye. Moreover, if you are black and don’t believe this you are viewed as an “Uncle Tom”, a “whitey”, a “sellout”, etc. Many believe when it comes to black ideals we all should enter into what I call the “Lemming Mode” or “Crab-in-the-Bucket Syndrome”. If you disagree, here come the insults and character assassinations. The insults come to intimidate you into following the lemmings off the side of the cliff. My fellow black “bruthas” feel threatened if you don’t think like they do so they try to intimidate you with false statements. They have never spent time with you but they have you pegged as a “white lover”. I consider myself a person with an open mind, a true free thinker. I march to the beat of my own drummer because I tend not to trust what many people say for one reason: Talk is CHEAPER THAN DIRT. I like to search out a matter before I form an opinion. Moreover, I realize my opinion could be right or wrong. Once truth is revealed, I tend to throw out my opinions. For example, if I see a scaly animal that walks around with a shell on its back, I may form an opinion that that animal is an armadillo. However, once I learn that this animal is actually a turtle, I don’t continue to call it an armadillo. That is the problem with my fellow black folks; the truth is all around them but they still want to think in their own convoluted ways. Don’t get me wrong my heart sinks when I see footage of firehoses and dogs turned on peaceful demonstrators. I shake my head when I realize my parents and grandparents lived in a world where water fountains and bathrooms were labeled “Colored” and “White”. In summary, My morals and principles are way more important to me than my skin color. In my years of growing up, I attended schools that were half-black and half-white and I need to say that we black folks have no reason to talk about anyone. Let me be me, and you do you. Have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.


Author: V. E. Brown

I was born in Roanoke, VA on October 16, 1968. A few years later, my family settled in the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I graduated from Friendly Senior High School in 1986. I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as a geography major. Looking for a change of environment, I made Durham my permanent home in 1988. In October of 1986, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began attending Mt Zion Christian Church. In 2003, I met a lovely young lady from Liberia named Autherine and we were married a year later. I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of God's Holy Word, the Bible. I follow a Christian/conservative worldview. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, badminton, football (Dolphins, baby!!!), bowling, board, video, and computer games, and traveling.

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