The kind of double-speak within the liberal ranks amazes me. If you speak against homosexuals, you are guilty of hate speech. Speak out against abortion, hate speech. Right now the liberals are trying to pass a hate speech crime bill which will make it a crime to speak out against homosexuality on the erroneous notion that such opposition is “hate speech”. Think it can’t happen here? Already in Canada (just north of the United States, for those of us who have been taught in public schools) it is a crime to speak against homosexuality, a punishable offense that could land the offending party in jail for two years. How did we get to this? Okay, let’s try this scenario: Let’s consider the Christian-haters out there. They speak against Christians all the time, calling them crazy, kooks, etc. Will that be considered “hate speech”? In the liberals eyes, NO! They want to eradicate the influence of Christianity from the public sector. The Bill of Rights grants the freedom of speech to every US citizen whether that speech offends or not. Even if one doesn’t agree with what is said, that gives no one the right to shut anyone down. Most people will agree with this…unless it concerns Christians. The libs. believe everyone has a right to free speech with the exception of anyone who disagrees with them (conservatives and Christians). They criticize Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, and anyone else who disagrees with their mindset and they want them silenced (Fairness Doctrine, anyone?). In the eyes of the libs. anyone who disagrees with them has no right to Freedom of Speech simply because of disagreement. This is the reason why a child who brings a Bible to school is a candidate for suspension but a child who completes an assignment about starting a jihad is applauded. No, I don’t agree with the homosexuals. I believe they are living in a sick world with a perverted lifestyle and, yes, I do base my belief on the Word of God (the Bible). However, I don’t believe we should round them up and shoot them in the head, either. Anyway, if the homosexuals think they have it bad in this country, they should know what happens to them in countries like, say, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq…you get the picture. No one has considered the Christians in their hate-crime legislation because Christians (real Christians, mind you. Not the get-along-with-everyone, compromising, weak-backed, watered-down kind) are the most hated group of people on earth. In many countries Christians are hunted down like animals, murdered, and imprisoned for their beliefs. Apparently, the liberals in this country want that to happen in this country as well. Where are the cries of hate speech when people like Alan Colmes says we need to get religion (Christianity) out of politics? Where is the hate speech rhetoric when the ACLU keeps howling that “separation of church and state” mess everytime someone prays at a football game or when a child wants to recite a Bible verse at show-and-tell in a public school classroom? Face it, these people hate Christians and they want nothing more than to see its extinction. They hide behind the Constitution in their effort to twist it to agree with their beliefs. The Constitution contains several references to God, but many of us are so uneducated we don’t know what it says, so we turn to the newspaper and CBS News to get our information without realizing that most of the news writers/reporters hate Christianity. Anyway, this hate-crime legislation that is coming down the pike is nothing more than the liberals efforts to silence Christianity/conservatism in this country. Moreover, pretty soon one may go to jail just for saying “I love Jesus”, “homosexuality is sin”, or “abortion is wrong”. Hopefully, we’ll never get to that point.


Author: V. E. Brown

I was born in Roanoke, VA on October 16, 1968. A few years later, my family settled in the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I graduated from Friendly Senior High School in 1986. I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as a geography major. Looking for a change of environment, I made Durham my permanent home in 1988. In October of 1986, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began attending Mt Zion Christian Church. In 2003, I met a lovely young lady from Liberia named Autherine and we were married a year later. I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of God's Holy Word, the Bible. I follow a Christian/conservative worldview. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, badminton, football (Dolphins, baby!!!), bowling, board, video, and computer games, and traveling.

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