Liberal Hypocrisy

Have you ever heard the phrase When you point your finger at someone, beware of the three that are pointing back at you? This seems to be a phrase that constantly applies to our liberal friends. They love to point out the wrongs being done among the conservatives (a lot of which aren’t wrongs but situations the liberals like to blow out of proportion), but when their wrongs are pointed out, they tend to look the other way. We’ve recently gone through a major example of this with the Sandra Fluke case in which a young lady claimed that she spent $3000 a year on contraception and that the taxpayers (through Obamacare) should pay for it. A certain well-known, established radio talk show host picked up the story and referred to Miss Fluke as a “slut”. Oh, wow, no he didn’t! The liberal establishment went absolutely ape over his comment and used the situation as an example of how heartless and uncaring the conservatives are. Miss Fluke even got a phone call from our loving POTUS, Barack Obama, and I guess he explained to her his plan to rid the nation of the conservative pestilence so we won’t have to hear such talk anymore.

Forget the fact that Flukey-girl wasn’t a 23 year-old coed (she’s actually 30) and that she is a member of the women’s rights movement; that talk show host had no right to call her a slut. Of course the cries came forth that this is the kind of talk that emanates from conservatives constantly and is but another example of the hate that they show towards those that don’t think like them. “Miss Fluke”, they seem to say, “we feel your pain girl!”

Not so fast, liberals and left-wingers!

Not so long ago, a certain late-night show host made fun of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, saying she had been “knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez at a Yankees’ game. Furthermore, the same host said that Sarah Palin herself sported a “slutty airline stewardess look”. Both are still waiting for their phone calls from heir President; once again, looking the other way.

Allow me to go on a brief tangent here to express my frustration to those who hate Sarah Palin so much, or any high-profile conservative woman, for that matter. I would like to pose this question to those on the left who may be reading this article: Why do you hate Sarah Palin so much? Has she done anything negative to you personally? Why do you call her stupid when for a time she was the leader of the largest state in the US which also included leading its national guard? Don’t say it isn’t hatred because how else can you explain the incendiary comments you hurl her way on a constant basis? You love to poke fun at her outgoing demeanor, the fact that her daughter had a child out of wedlock, and even her own child who has Down’s Syndrome. I have one word for all of you: Haters!

Okay, deep breath, think of my happy place…I’m good. Back to the hypocrisy that is so prevalent amongst the ranks of our liberal friends. I can go on and on all day about the racist and misogynistic  rants made by the Left on a regular basis but the only negative comments that get noticed – thanks to our wonderful MSM – are those made by conservatives. In other words, the liberals can do no wrong and the conservatives can do nothing right. I’ve seen similarities among the communistic regions of the globe, the best example being an incident involving a nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (what nuclear power plant?). It wasn’t until someone in another country noticed higher than normal radiation levels in the region before the Ruskies admitted that one of their own nuclear plants exploded tragically and caused a disaster of epic proportions. So why did they stay silent until they were forced to tell the truth about what had happened? History tells us that nations that adopt communism as a way of life also adopt something else: Arrogance. Visit any communist nation and you will notice the arrogance level is off the scale; they believe that other nations are inferior to them for whatever reason. In other words, they can do no wrong while other nations can do no right.

Ask yourself this question: Have you ever heard of anything new or innovative coming from a communist nation? Of course, they are notorious for stealing military and technological secrets so they appear to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements, but very rarely do they come up with ideas of their own. Then they have the nerve to show off their latest developments as if the ideas were all their own to show the world (the US in particular) how superior they really are. The new Chinese stealth fighter is a good example as, I believe, it was developed from military secrets “stolen” from the US.

It’s pretty much the same with liberals – they’re the compassionate ones, they’re the ones who care about starving children, they’re the ones who care about the economy, they’re the ones who care about the elderly, they’re the ones who care about the environment, and so on. Couple that with the dumbing down of many Americans because of the media and most people think if they didn’t hear it on the nightly news then it must not be true.

Another tangent. You ever wonder why Fox News gets so much negative press and not CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc? Don’t get me wrong, Fox News is not perfect, but they offer both sides of the issues. In today’s liberally biased media world, there is no room for an opposing opinion so Fox News gets negative scrutiny because they haven’t gotten with the program. Furthermore, Fox News is not primarily conservative news channel.

I know I may sound a little bit off-base with this article, but, hey, these are my thoughts written in my own style.

Allow me to make one last point. The aforementioned talk show host admitted to an addiction to painkillers several years ago, something most of us weren’t aware of. The liberals took the situation out of proportion and called the host a pill popping drug junkie. At least he did admit that he had a problem instead of trying to cover it up like our liberal friends would have. I don’t have the statistics but I’m willing to bet that there are for more drug abusers within the liberal ranks than there are among the conservatives.

Finally, even though I believe the talk show host did the right thing by apologizing for his remarks against Miss Fluke, given the same situation, I would not have apologized. What are you to think of a woman who says she spends $3000 a year on contraception? The host apologized but that wasn’t enough. However, the liberals love to look the other way when one of their own (Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack and Michelle, etc.) does the same. When they apologize, we are supposed to accept it and move on.

So, Mr President, I think it is about time that you owe Sarah and Bristol Palin that long overdue phone call…but I won’t hold my breath.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.


Author: V. E. Brown

I was born in Roanoke, VA on October 16, 1968. A few years later, my family settled in the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I graduated from Friendly Senior High School in 1986. I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as a geography major. Looking for a change of environment, I made Durham my permanent home in 1988. In October of 1986, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began attending Mt Zion Christian Church. In 2003, I met a lovely young lady from Liberia named Autherine and we were married a year later. I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of God's Holy Word, the Bible. I follow a Christian/conservative worldview. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, badminton, football (Dolphins, baby!!!), bowling, board, video, and computer games, and traveling.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Hypocrisy”

  1. Good article, but when you asked if we had ever seen anything new or innovative coming from a COMMUNIST nation, you should have added..’or a MUSLIM NATION?’ Everything the Arabs have and use was developed and manufactured in a non-Muslim nation, and if it were not for oil revenues, Arabs would still be living in tents. Hey, they still do, don’t they? As far as FOX News goes, you are right, they give both sides of the story, BUT…..since all the rest are so one-sided, the worst being MSNBC, I wish that Fox did not strive to be so ‘fair and balanced’ in their representation. When all the other networks BLAST the Republicans and only give one side, it irks me that Fox features a liberal from NPR that had been fired that they hired to be politically correct, and yes, it irks me that they feature Geraldo Rivera, who is way left of center. Plus, Geraldo is so far into himself….. I recall seeing him giving coverage of Hispanics carrying anti-American flags and Mexico flags in a protest in Los Angeles, and Geraldo was saying…’Oh this is so wonderful..!’ And then there was that bit Geraldo pulled with the mine cave in, when all those miners who had been trapped for days were found to be…ALIVE!! Well, that was the way Geraldo covered it. It was around 3 AM CST, and Geraldo was on the air (FOX) saying…”Ooooh, this is so wonderful. All the miners have been found alive!” He went on and on. Later, it was revealed that all were dead, except one. Geraldo did not bother to check his facts before coming on the air with that, but since it was early in the AM, most did not hear his yelling, so FOX kept him on. But I heard it. Well, enough of that. Ever notice when Fox lets some liberal Democrat FEMALE come on, how she talks, and talks, and TALKS OVER anyone who is there to represent the other side? Those women won’t shut up! And now, it is time for me to..shut up. Thanks for having me…LOL.

    1. John, do me a favor – PLEASE DO NOT SHUT-UP! What you said above is more valuable than gold. Moreover, I did forget about our Muslim friends who seem a bigger threat these days than communism. Keep doing what you do and DO NOT SHUT-UP! Have a great night.

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