To Sum It All Up

This was posted on my Facebook page by friend, Lee Jenkins.

I think we are all guilty of labeling others based on specific beliefs. In some instances labels are necessary in order to understand a persons position. I’m a CHRISTIAN, and I don’t mind
being labeled as one and calling me a Christan would not be name calling. I’m a conservative, and don’t mind being called one regardless of the negativity one may attach that particular political label.

To brand one a “LIBERAL” is not a negative, matter of fact those who are Liberal take great pride in acknowledging the Label. These terms that are used to label someone, are derived from the opinions, ideologies , and the world view to which the speaker communicates. To twist the conversation up and state that to label one according to what they have communicated, is nothing more than a tactic to shut the other persons argument down.

There are obvious world views that are spoken here that would lead others to believe that one is either conservative or Liberal. I wouldn’t take offense to those labels nor do I. I’m proud to called Conservative and I’m even more proud to be called Christian.

I would however admit that the term Liberal isn’t negative as it is literally more closely related to conservative than most people would like to admit. I am conservatively Liberal which means that I believe in liberty for all without other men denying me, my basic God given human rights. Conservative means nothing more that against change and I don’t want my liberty changed for tyranny!To be liberated is positive to be conservative is positive. I think we have misused these two terms and instead of taking their literal meanings we have turned them into political parties.

We are a Republic which means a Nation of laws we are not a Democracy. A democracy demands majority rule, and we are not ruled by majority opinion but by Law. However we have been ruled of late by activist Judges opinions and that I resent. I resent my Government mandating that I buy a product from them or anyone else..see that’s not liberty!

I resent the man currently holding the office of President not because of his race but because of his actions, and speech! Does this mean that I hate him..heavens no?!! Do I want a different President that will open up our ability to be energy independent, that will not apologize to the rest of the world for our greatness, that will not weaken our military and that will not redistribute our wealth? If that makes me hateful then so be it.

The fact of the matter is YES! Obama is a socialist which means he believes in taking from hard working people to give to others, He believes in over taxation and spending to achieve his own radical goals, he has created his own shadow government by appointing 33 czars that are accountable to no one, czars that he has used to by pass the legislative process. Read his 2 books he has laid out his plans for America which are radically different from those of our founders.

He admitted to siding with and sympathizing with non white people and believes in the social justice gospel that is direct contradiction with the teachings of Christ. I believe he is the worst President in American history next to Jimmy Carter, so maybe that makes me hateful but oh well everyone is gonna “Label” me however they wish!

Oh before I forget I do resent calling murder “Choice” murdering innocence is now a “Choice!” What about pro choice “Child support?” This November, vote to regain your nation, then let’s preserve it’s integrity as the greatest nation in the history of man kind!!!



Author: V. E. Brown

I was born in Roanoke, VA on October 16, 1968. A few years later, my family settled in the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I graduated from Friendly Senior High School in 1986. I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as a geography major. Looking for a change of environment, I made Durham my permanent home in 1988. In October of 1986, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began attending Mt Zion Christian Church. In 2003, I met a lovely young lady from Liberia named Autherine and we were married a year later. I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of God's Holy Word, the Bible. I follow a Christian/conservative worldview. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, badminton, football (Dolphins, baby!!!), bowling, board, video, and computer games, and traveling.

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