Truthsharks Radio is coming!

Truthsharks radio

Well, hey there, folks! (Cue creepy shark music) Beginning this Saturday (January 4, 2014), Truthsharks Radio will begin its debut. Formerly known as Black By Color Only, this program will consist of two shows: Black By Color Only and Prophet or Loss.

Black By Color Only-On this show, we will continue to talk about black issues, politics, and the other stuff the old BBCO talk show was known for. Saturdays 7pm-9pm EST

Prophet or Loss-This show will deal with false doctrines and errors in the modern-day church. Sundays 2pm-4pm EST

So, come on out and bring a friend if you can. Once again, if you would like to express your opinion, season it well with respect.

You all have a great day and I’ll see you on the rebound.


Author: V. E. Brown

I was born in Roanoke, VA on October 16, 1968. A few years later, my family settled in the Washington, DC area where I grew up. I graduated from Friendly Senior High School in 1986. I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC as a geography major. Looking for a change of environment, I made Durham my permanent home in 1988. In October of 1986, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began attending Mt Zion Christian Church. In 2003, I met a lovely young lady from Liberia named Autherine and we were married a year later. I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy of God's Holy Word, the Bible. I follow a Christian/conservative worldview. I enjoy reading, writing, movies, badminton, football (Dolphins, baby!!!), bowling, board, video, and computer games, and traveling.

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